Fashion Horoscope for Ethnic Wear

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ARIES - Bold, strong and combative

To portray the strength of an Aries, you must go for crisp and edgy tailored salwar kameez . Strong colours like red and black with catchy graphic prints. Well-fitted kurta, dresses, blouse for the saree. You should check out Sigil Yellow and Pink Chanderi Suit at

TAURUS - Reliable, practical, sensual

Earthy colours are soothing to eyes and go great with the reliable and sensual traits of a Taurus. with Natural, earthy hues of brown, blue, tan, green, grey and black with floral print on traditional salwar kameez. You should check out Scallop Blue Georgette Chudidar Suit at

GEMINI - Clever, versatile, enthusiastic

Gemini women are restless, outgoing and youthful by nature so their clothes have to be adaptable and versatile –Casual salwar kameez with pockets and fabrics which are light and comfortable and a piece of funky jewellery to complete the look. Best recommendation Sanah digital print Salwar Kameez at

CANCER - Creative, spontaneous, faithful

Cancer women go for elegance with latest trends. Colourful and creative is their style. They want to go till the edge but never over it. At time they can be ultra feminine with latest designs of salwar kameez even in the casual setting along with high heels. Mild hues of green, blue and beige are their colour. Check out Tanzanite Blue Georgette Anarkali Suit at

LIBRA - Romantic, balanced, artistic

Flirty dresses and pretty jewellery define a Libran woman's style. Extremely fashion-conscious, they know the art of flaunting killer curves.  Check out Umba Yellow and Pink Bemberg Anarkali Suit at


SCORPIO - Focused, brave, ambitious

Shrouded in a cloud of mystery, a Scorpio woman loves sexy body-hugging dresses and deep-neck/ backless dress with killer heels. They garments in silk, satin and velvet. Casual is not made for them. Their simple office or collage wear salwar kameez is also a statement. Check out Blue and Maroon Georgette Bridal Anarkali Suit at

SAGITTARIUS - Adventurous, careless, flirty

A Sagittarius is true travel junkie, their dressing is a reflection of their free-spirited nature. Their style is cute dresses and an attention-grabbing pair of sandals! Instead of jewellery, they prefer scarves, hats and stylish footwear as go-to accessories for the days. Check out Thulite Brown and Red Bemberg Anarkali Suit at

CAPRICORN - Disciplined, wise, sober

Capricorns are rather traditional in their fashion choices, and prefer sticking to the tried and tested. Classics like a classic cotton salwar Kameez. You should go for a simple and sober Staple Orange Chanderi Cotton Suit at

AQUARIUS - Friendly, inventive, independent

Aquarius people are not meant to blend in the crowd. Their style is eccentric and unconventional. Women prefer wearing anything that's colourful, comfortable and not too fitted. Fusion clothing, outrageous tattoos, piercings define their quirky style. you should check out Sanjay Cream and blue Georgette suit at

PISCES - Imaginative, intuitive, sensitive

Pisces women go for flounce and flair, comfy, soft, shimmering fabrics. Brash, bold colours and patterns are not your style.  You should check out Strass Blue Georgette Anarkali suit at

LEO - Kind-hearted, optimistic, energetic

Leo Women have charismatic personalities and that’s why they prefer chunky accessories, statement jewellery pieces and elaborate embellishments. They want to go creative, out-of-the-box style. Leos can pull of any colour any fabric as long as it makes a statement. You should check out Yachika Red Georgette Straight Suit at

VIRGO - Analytical, meticulous, modest

Virgos are perfectionists. For virgos every thread matters. Perfectly fit and matched, polished salwar kameez. Be it casual, office or collage wear salwar kameez their dresses are compulsorily perfect. There colour are white, off-white, beige and rust. You should check out Tashmarine Grey Viscose Anarkali Suit at

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